About us

Rotterdam is a fantastic city. The thing is though, you have to know where to go in Rotterdam. The best spots are spread out over the city and don’t come with a sign ‘look at me’ and ‘read this to understand my significance’. To really get a feeling for the city you need a local who knows the insider stories of the hotspots and point out the hidden treasures. With Inside Rotterdam we do just that. We are a team of passionate locals, who take people on a tour between places, times and perspectives to fully experience and understand the Rotterdam vibe.

“Come as a stranger, and leave as a local”

The team

Ariane gives local tours in Rotterdam

Ariane – Owner and guide

So who am I? I’m Ariane Nooteboom, a Rotterdam born lady with a great love for her city. I’m curious and enthusiastic. Positive and energetic. I worked in youth activism and European politics before turning my world upside down in the pursuit of a dream – becoming an entrepreneur and doing something positive for others. Combining my love for my city with a passion for informing, inspiring and amusing.

The idea for Inside Rotterdam was born in Southeast Asia. When I was traveling there I was deeply touched by the warm welcome I received. The local tours I joined made me experience the real Asia, being shown around by a local, going to special places, and hearing insider stories. It enriched me with a total different perspective on what I saw around me. Where I looked and how to look. I realized that a raw urban city as Rotterdam was in desperate need of similar small-scale insider tours diving into the city life and providing a warm, informative and pleasurable welcome.

foto gids hassan

Hassan – Guide

Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Hassan, your tour guide. My goal is to impress you with everything Rotterdam has to offer. Like the history, present and the future. But also the people, traditions and the cultures. It’s my duty to make you fall in love with the city. Looking forward to meet you again!


Rosa – Guide

“During all my travels I realized how much fun it is to get to know a place with a local. Being a guide in the city I live in, makes me feel like I am on holiday every single time. Rotterdam is a beauty, but you have to get to know it to love it. I am enthusiastic, sporty and love to meet people from everywhere in the world. It’s so much fun to hear about the observations others have about Rotterdam and The Netherlands in general. The learning aspect, being outside and contact with others makes me love being a guide.”

Gids Lex

Lex – Guide

In 1996 I became a ‘Rotterdammer’ when I moved from The Hague to Rotterdam to go to university. Soon I started making new friends and also after my graduation this city continued to be my hometown. In the 20 years that since then have passed I saw with my own eyes how the city kept on developing in a high pace that is unseen elsewhere in The Netherlands. Being fascinated by these developments in combination with my passion for urban planning, architecture, fine restaurants and great places to have a drink, I decided to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with people that come to visit the great city of Rotterdam as a guide for Inside Rotterdam.

Edwige - guide Inside Rotterdam

Edwige – Guide

I came to Rotterdam twenty years ago via a D-tour. Coming from France, via England and Germany, love has brought me till above the big rivers, in Rotterdam. It wasn’t love at first sight but then I started discover the city mostly on my own by bike with other non-Dutch people I had met at the evening Dutch classes. It’s been a funny puzzle to get to know Rotterdam with outsiders, getting our own way to where nice people were to be met in edgy places. I ended up eventually knowing the city better than my Dutch partner. Later I’ve shared acquired knowledge and enthusiasm for Rotterdam with befriended visitors from all over the world. I do enjoy to share this experience with people outside my own circle. I make sure they don’t need to take the long road to discover this rough gem Rotterdam is.