Going out for Dinner

In a few years time Rotterdam has become a food walhalla. At the moment we are preparing a new food tour and we got inspired by different locations which we discovered.


The Katendrecht district is an area which is developing rapidly since a few years. A very nice place to go out for dinner or go for a drink is the Deliplein.
Around this beautiful place, decorated with lampions, you can find several restaurants and bars with a nice atmosphere. If you just want a snack or searching for street food, you can find this in the Fenix Food Factory.







For finer dining, we recommend the Vislokaal, right vis-à-vis. They propose different starters and main dishes all surrounding fish in addition they even have a separate dessert-menu.

We took the homemade aperitif, based on cider and orange, ceviche of haddock with lime and grapefruit and crab claws with homemade mayonnaise. For the main dish we chose salmon with beetroot puree and pickels of red cabbage.  You will pay around 30€ per person for food and drinks.

Delistraat 48C       https://vislokaalkaap.nl/

Opening times:
Wed-Sat: 17:30-00:00h   /   Sun: 16:00-22:00h

Delicious asian inspired food at Kaapse Maria

Kaapse Maria

Less fancy, but at least as tasty as the Vislokaal: The Kaapse Maria brewery. The brewery was created by Tsjomme Zijlstra. He started to brew his own beer after working in a craft beer bar in London. Together with his friends Menno and John, the owners of Brouwerij de Molen in Bodegraven, he introduced craft beer in Rotterdam in 2014 in the Kaapse Brouwers in the Fenix Food Factory on Katendrecht. You will see, the beer all have interesting names: Kaapse Maria, Kaapse Bea, Kaapse Harrie, Kaapse Klaas.
Besides their location in the Fenix Food Factory, they introduced a location in the city centre called Kaapse Maria. In a relaxed atmosphere, Asian inspired food is served at Kaapse Maria besides the best craft beers of Rotterdam. And in fact, that fits perfectly together: flavours you can find in the beer, like yuzu, cinnamon, Sechuan or Timut peppers underline the Asian flavours of the dish.

Mauritsweg 52

Opening times:
Wed-Sun: 15:00-00:00h


different dishes proposed by Vincent via eatwith

If you are more an outgoing person, you may prefer to meet local people and experience something new. In this case, we propose to go the a “private restaurant” such as eatwith.com proposes. Private people offer a dinner at home. At the moment, there are two offers in Rotterdam which seem very promising. Jules is proposing a very multicultural experience, a fusion cuisine of Surinamese and Asian, surrounded by Argentine modern art. Vincent proposes another concept, he offers a “Surprise menu”. You can tell him what products you like or dislike, and he will create a menu around these. He describes his cuisine as “French style” and all his guests were enthusiast about the culinary experience at his place. The current price is around 30€ per person.

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