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Rotterdam from a different perspective

I’m Ariane. A Rotterdam-born lady with a deep cherished love for this raw urban metropole. Inside Rotterdam was born in the summer of 2014 after I returned from a trip to Asia. I discovered that quality local tours like you have in Asia, didn’t exist over here. So, I decided to start them myself.

My background? I studied social sciences & public administration and worked in European politics before deciding to turn my world upside down.

Our tour guides will take you on a discovery trip through Rotterdam. It’s our mission to let you experience the true Rotterdam and look at the city from different perspectives. Mesmerize you with the unconventional beauty, dive into the past and inspect the present. Go local, and discover intriguing spots & stories.

Take a look at the video (In Dutch) to here more about Ariane’s story. 



Inside Rotterdam guides

Guide Ariane - Founder back office and guide
In 3 words: Energetic, attentive and passionate
I like! Cycling in cities, especially ones that I don't know well.
Favourite place in Rotterdam: The Meuse river. Doesn't really matter where. The feeling of freedom, the wind through my hair, all the ships sailing by and the beautiful skyline which makes you feel small and humble.
This makes my heart beat faster: People who commit to a goal bigger than themselves.
Guide Hassan
In 3 words: Grappig, logisch en cool
Favourite Rotterdam restaurant: Bazar
I love: Food
Favourite Rotterdam neighbourhood Afrikaanderwijk
Guide Esther - Maker and Guide of the Rotterdamer Rooftop tour
In 3 words: Enthusiastic, inspired, connecting
Favourite place in Rotterdam: My ‘penthouse' with magnificent view on the skyline of Rotterdam.
This makes my heart beat faster: Views (on Rotterdam), urban nature, sunshine, familiair and new things, indulgences.
I like! Urban hiking; meeting (new) people, filmhouse movies; writing; Kundalini-yoga.
Guide Loran
In 3 words: Curious, spontaneous and 'gezellig' (one-of-a-kind word resembling sociable)
This makes my heart beat faster: Food and architecture
This is what I do besides guiding: I work as a chef in my own restaurant Rauwdouwer.
Education: Graphic & industrial design and architecture
Guide Madeleine
Favourite Rotterdam saying: 'Early ripe, early rotten'
Pick me as a guide if you want: A sociable and informative tour with special attention for culture and history.
Favourite Rotterdam restaurant: Vislokaal Kaap
This is what I do besides guiding: Play classical concerts, give violin lessons and studying at the University.
Guide Lowik
Education I'm currently a Master's student Industrial Ecology at Delft University of Technology and Leiden University.
This makes my heart beat faster: This quickens my pulse: a good cup of coffee or tea, high waves to surf on and Italodisco
Favourite Rotterdam neighbourhood Favorite neighborhood in Rotterdam: Coolhaveneiland surroundings because of the diverse architecture, the various references to the harbor of yore and of course for the windy days when crossing the Pieter de Hoochbridge overlooking the skyline: that is Rotterdam in every sense.
Nobody knows about me I would like to be Aroma Jockey

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Off the beaten track

Go off track with us and see Rotterdam from a different side. Discover new areas and new perspectives. We love to surprise you.. even if you know the city well.


We choose for small. Bigger groups are welcome, but are split in smaller ones. Small for us stands for: interaction, demand-driven and flexibility. We like to cooperate and visit small local entrepreneurs who value quality above quantity and are devoted to the community.

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