Harbour bike tour

  • What
    Bike in the harbour
  • Start
    10:15 or 14:15
  • Duration
    3 hours/ around 16 km
  • When
    Wednesday till Sunday

Join this harbour bike tour and sail away to Europe’s biggest port. Get to know one of Rotterdam city harbours. Experience harbour past, present & future. Explore upcoming industrial Heijplaat, a new hub for design, manufacturing and sustainability. Dive into the world of TEUs, maritime pilots and VHF channels. Bike between enormous containerships and cranes. You will learn how the Port of Rotterdam is developing into the  ‘smartest’ harbour in the world.

Active bike tour in the harbour of Rotterdam

In this 3-hour small group tour you will bike through old, new and redeveloped parts of the harbour. We hop on a boat, with our bikes, to sail off to one of the biggest container harbors in the port of Rotterdam. This harbour is not only used for the transshipment of thousands of containers, but also many bulk cargo ships dock here to off and on load. Especially during weekdays this Rotterdam harbour is very active and there is much to see and explore.

You will discover the RDM area, a place recently transformed into a hub for Research, Design and Manufacturing. Go behind the scenes of the hotspot for innovation in the port.

You will see interesting sustainability initiatives and even find a little secret beach, with an ominous history, where the locals go for a swim in the Maas.

The Harbour cycle tour is a very diverse, informative and active tour where you will really experience the harbour from up close.

Biking distance: 16 kilometers/ 10 miles. Medium fittness required for this tour. Electric bikes are available.

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  • Type
    Private and weekend tours
  • Start/ End
    1e Blekerhof 26, near Leuvehaven metro station
  • Duration
    Around 3 hours
  • Groups
    Maximum of 15 persons per group
  • Language
    Dutch or English
  • Extra options
    Electric bike: book in advance (€25 per bike).
Weekend tours

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10:15-13:15 (based on availability).

  • 1-2 persons: €158 per tour
  • 3 persons: €59 per person
  • 4 persons: €45 per person
  • 5 persons: €42 per person
  • 6 persons: €39 per person
  • 7 persons: €37,50 per person
  • 8-9 persons: €35 per person
  • 10-15 persons: €32 per person
  • Fun knowledgeable tourguide
  • Comfortable bike
  • Ferry ticket included (€2,50 per person)
  • Bottle of water
  • Sweet snack
Prices & Availability

Harbour bike tour

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Highlights of this tour

  • Professional guidance

  • Hotel New York

  • Stop in the middle of the harbour

  • Beautiful sights

  • Hidden treasures

  • Old bicycle tunnel

  • Harbour activity

  • Container terminals


Bike tour around Harbour

We had very little time and wanted to get as much of the harbour in as possible. This tour was great - a nice overview in 3 hrs. Our guide was knowledgeable and attentive. Although mostly flat some fitness helps. Boat ride there is a nice option. Would certainly recommend to my friends.
Jan, Netherlands

Amazing experience

A very enjoyable and informative tour through the harbor of Rotterdam delivered by an incredibly kind and passionate tour guide. Highly recommend!
Amaan, Iran

Maritime sights & stories

We work in the maritime field, professional sailors and have a personal & professional interest in all things maritime. This bike tour of the harbor was very well structured. 3 hours of mostly easy riding, loved doing the bike tunnel under the Maas and the boat ride. We learned a lot and saw a lot. Ariane is one of the most well versed tour guides I have ever had. She has an easy way about her, her English is perfect and her factual historical and current knowledge of the harbor and the businesses that make Rotterdam harbor so interesting and productive was fantastic. I would like to do another tour with Ariane the next time I am in Rotterdam. She is a 3rd generation resident and has so much to offer.
Linden, USA

Overall friendly and professional

The tour takes you to places you'd never go to on your own. The guide is a local who knows the city pretty well and answered all of our questions. Overall friendly and professional.
Amir, United States