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Custom-made tours

Are you looking for an alternative outing? An original, local and fun way to spend your leisure time in Rotterdam?

Look no further and get in touch with us to arrange your group activity.

For companies, private groups and schools we organise custom made tours in Rotterdam.

Look below to see the possibilities we offer. You can get in touch for a free of charge-offer.

Looking for a custom made Rotterdam visit?

  • Original tours

  • Tastings

  • Explore the harbour

  • Add a watertaxi ride

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Choose a specific topic or combine a tour with a dinner, tasting or workshop.


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A lunch or diner
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A food or drink tasting
A teambuilding activity
A spectacular watertaxi ride

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(Street-) Art
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Former customers who enjoyed a tour

Wij vonden het een waanzinnig leuke dag. Ik ben meerdere keren in Rotterdam geweest, maar deze tour heeft ons Rotterdam weer vanuit een compleet ander perspectief laten beleven. Mijn moeder zei: “Eerst zag ik alleen beton kolossen in Rotterdam. Nu zie ik overal verhalen.” De tour was goed opgezet en georganiseerd. Kortom een ontzettend leuke dag gehad!
Timo, Tuinarchitect, Boxtel
“The food-tour is an exciting way to explore Rotterdam culinarily”
Leslie, Germany
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